This is my first market! What can I expect?

On the day of the event, arrive at the designated time with everything you need for a great market day. We'll greet you and help you to get to your space if needed.

Some markets have assigned placements before the date, others will be assigned when you arrive. We do not have -first-come-first-get vendor placements. Please check-in with a staff member to be assigned your vendor placement. Changes to placement after you are assigned can't be accommodated as other vendors are being welcomed.

Everyone is buzzing around at the start of the day, so be patient, get your bearings and start setting up.

Vendor Expectations

We strive to make each market a great day for sales, networking and have a nice day out in the city. With your great craftsmanship, drive and community professionalism, an excellent turnout and lots of customers is everyone's goal.

To help your business thrive, as well as the market as a whole, all vendors are welcome to make themselves as comfortable as possible during the event. In the event that there is a disturbance great enough for VHS staff, or the public, that a de-escalation is a safe decision, rest assured that our staff is well versed in assuring the safety for the event.

As a Vendor, VHS Markets operates only the venue and event. In the event that a conflict arrises that requires external resources, please contact a VHS staff member to assist you. Please let us know in person, or send us an email with your concerns.

Early Event Departures

Life is busy, and we get it. Plans can change. We hope everyone can make it for the event they've chosen and stay for the whole day.

Vendors are expected to attend each event for the full duration. Leaving early can cause a few areas everyone would like to avoid like, confusion about the market schedule, loading area traffic jams or blocking accessibility routs or parking spots.

What's is the Vendor Integrity Guide?

Each VHS Markets vendor is bringing their best, and we're proud to bring high quality goods from wonderful local providers.

The intention in our Vendor Integrity Guide an effort to maintain the integrity and legitimacy of local vendors who are crafts people, artists, designers, producers and other small business. Failure to disclose, mis-represent or otherwise mislead in this area may result in an immediate cancellation of registrion without refund or recourse.

For businesses that require additional permitting to serve food or other consumables for which government bodies issue permits or certificates, these potential vendors are required to submit a copy to VHS Markets for review before submitting an application or pre-registration. This includes food or consumables that are prohibited, mandated or restricted by local legal legislation.

Vendors who willfully or otherwise do not qualify after further review may be subject to their application/registration being cancelled without refund or recourse. VHS Markets reserves the right to apply the T&C at any time prior, during or after registration, a market event or otherwise.

Each application is under review to ensure products are handmade, locally sourced/produced, original designs without plagiarised elements, are not bulk imported for resale as-is under false pretense, marketed to perform unsubstantiated/unverifiable/non-reproducable/un-tested/or otherwise intend an outcome of beneficial claims of performance, manufactured by unverifiable humane sources or are not affiliated with any MLM/direct-sales/third-party commission based or legally restricted organization.

VHS Markets operates as a an event production service provider and venue provider and/or management service. VHS Markets is not responsible for a vendor's sales performance, products, property, transportation, or any business related matter of the vendor's stated business name, affiliation or organization.

Not sure where to start?

Send us a message any time. We can get you started, give you some tips and even help you organize for the event!
Be sure to include any website links, social media or any info that can get us started.