Robson Square Market

Now Booking 2024

Step into the bustling new Robson Square Market!

With over 5,000+ people walking by each day, this market is the perfect place for vendors to showcase their products in the world famous Robson Street shopping district.

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, this vibrant market offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and make your mark on the community.

Join us for an unforgettable day of shopping, eating, and making memories with the people and culture of Vancouver!

This option provides vendors and brands half of a 10'x10' tent space.

• 1 Vendor Space

• 10' wide vendor frontage

• For additional space or a full 10'x10' to be sure to add 2 spaces to your registration.

Table rental is not included unless you choose an option that includes one below.

Regular price $185.00

Each VHS Markets vendor is bringing their best, and we're proud to bring high quality goods from wonderful local providers.

This effort is to maintain the integrity and legitimacy of local vendors who are crafts people, artists, designers, producers and other small business. 3rd party products that are purchased in bulk and sold as locally produced does not qualify.

Failure to disclose, mis-represent or otherwise mislead in this area may result in an immediate cancellation of registrion without refund or recourse.

For more information please read the disclaimer information below.

Vendor Application Terms
Processing: Each potential VHS Markets vendor's application fee payment is kept as a deposit, until approval has been processed. Processing may take up to 48 hours before confirmation is sent.
Refunds: Deposits are processed automatically for refund if a vendor application is not approved for the chosen market date(s). 30 days prior to the chosen market date, approved vendor cancellations may not qualify for full refund.

* Vendors who willfully or otherwise do not qualify after further review may be subject to their application/registration being cancelled without refund or recourse. VHS Markets reserves the right to apply the T&C at any time prior, during or after registration, a market event or otherwise.
** Each application is under review to ensure products are handmade, locally sourced/produced, original designs without plagiarised elements, are not bulk imported for resale as-is under false pretense, marketed to perform unsubstantiated/unverifiable/non-reproducable/un-tested/etc claims of performance, manufactured by unverifiable humane sources or are not affiliated with any MLM/direct-sales/third-party comission based organization.
*** Vendor Information is sent to the email address associated with your order.