Oct 2nd 2021 @ VAG - Vendor A: 1 Vendor Space

• 1x 10' Vendor Space

Perfect for vendors who already have their own table, or veteran entrepreneurs who have their own custom display.

This option reserves 1 day of vending.

This option gives vendors an incredible 10' of space to display your product. This space can fit two 5 feet tables.

Please choose the appropriate option for the number of tables you'd like.

* This option places another vendor in the 10'x10' tent. Vendors are separated and given equal space. Please be respectful of sharing this space as outlined in the floor plan.

* This option does not allow more than 1 vendor to occupy the registered space.

* This application does not guarantee your reservation. Upon approval, your payment will be processed and you will be notified of application approval.

Regular price $180.00

Payment does not guarantee a placement.
Payment will only be processed once the vendor has been notified of approval.