December 17 2022 @ Yaletown Roundhouse - Sold Out

• 1x Vendor Space

Perfect for vendors who already have their own table, or veteran entrepreneurs who have their own custom display.

This option reserves 1 day of vending.

This option gives vendors 8' of space to display your product. This space can fit one 8 foot table, or a smaller table of your choice plus a display that will fit the space.

Please choose the appropriate option for the number of tables you'd like.

* Vendors are separated and given equal space. Please be respectful of sharing this space as outlined in the floor plan that will be provided to registered and approved vendors. Encroaching into other vendor spaces may result in staff moving your display to fit your allotted space.

* This option does not allow more than 1 vendor to occupy the registered space.

* This application does not guarantee your reservation. Upon approval, your payment will be processed and you will be notified of application approval.

Regular price $165.00